Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day 8: Kōchi City to Usa City

Walked about 32 km today to get from Temple  33 to tonight's lodging on the hills high above Temple 36.

Long day, but the only hills were at Temple 35, one pass to go over between Temples 35 & 36, and a final half hour climb from Temple 36 to the lodging.

Got lost three times in the town below Temple 35. Met a German on the road who i've been playing leap ftog with for a half a week, and he had gotten lost as well. Late in the afternoon i talked to a Japanese man at a rest hut and he ssy he had gotten completely lost as well.

Hot and sunny all day. My feet are tired, but it was another great day. Tomorrow begins the long(ish) five day trek down the west side of the island to Cape Ashizuri in the south west.

Some pictures from today:

Started the day on small roads amidst rice paddys.

Approaching Temple 35:

The view from up by tonight's lodging, looking back towards Kōchi City.



Mountain Hiking Holidays said...

V. Santorini?

Lao Bendan said...

I considered it but my wallet cryed so i opted for the Kokumin Shukusha next door.