Thursday, April 21, 2016

Day 10: Susaki City to Kubokawa City

Absolutely nothing to say today other than rain, rain, Rain, RAin, RAIn, RAIN, and even more and even harder **RAIN**.

And it rained, as well. 

Rain gear and umbrella kept me dry from the ankles up, but my boots were soaked and it was like i walked in puddles all day.

Tomorrow is supposed to be dry again but right now (5pm) it is pouring cats & dogs outside.

Tomorrow also begins the 3 day trek down to Temple 38, which is the next temple i get to visit. It will be three longish days on the road.

Some thoughts: i just looked at the schedule of my 1999 walk and see that after getting to Temple 37 i returned to Temple 1 five weeks later. This trip i have four weeks left before i have to finish. 

Even taking out a day needed for Bangai Temple 7 and another day for Bangai 20, i still have several days i need to mske up or i will have to use a bus for some of the finsl temples. Only time will tell.

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