Sunday, April 24, 2016

Day 13: Shimonokae to Cape Ashizuri

Left Anshuku, last night's lodging, at 7:00. After a stop at a convenience store for a snack to eat atound 9:00, i headed south to cover the 28 km to Ashizuri Misaki.

Started out cloudy, but the rains showed up at 10:30 and the rest of the day has stayed that way.

Found a bench for the snack at 9:00, then later met a guy from New Zealand who told me about a small restaurant in Kubotsu where i could get coffee and toast. About a half hour later i met a guy from France who told me the exact same thing so i decided i needed to check it out. 

Found the port town and the coffee shop an hour later.

Had my coffee and toast and set out for the final push to the cape. A little later, and of course a little higher, i realized i had left my walking stick at the restaurant.

When i realized it, i had just passed a crew out working on some power lines, or something. They were on a break when i passed them so when i turned around suddenly and headed back again they asked what was wrong. When i told them what i had done they told one of the crew members to take the second truck and drive me back to get it. I gladly accepted the offer and saved the ~50 minutes it would have taken to do the round trip walk 

Even with the morning snack, the coffee break at the restaurant, and the trip back to get my walking stick, i still got to Temple 38 at 12:30 so i killed about 2 hours before checking into the hotel just before 3:00.

Ashizuri Town, with the Pacific Ocean on the left, from my hotel:

Will head back to Anshuku again tomorrow and then on Tuesday i head west to Temple 39.

Some pictures from today.

A panorama of Ōki no Hama, a pretty famous beach around here, and Cape Ashizuri on the far left beyond the bay

A series of shots from a nice trail i followed:

With the ropes installed along several of the short decents because of slippery rocks & moss.

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