Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day 3: Muroto Misaki to Nahari

Breakfast at 6:30 and on the road just past 7:00. Started out under overcast skies, but within a few hours it was hot and humid under clear blue skys. Felt like it was about 25° this afternoon (77°F)

This was the view of the port city of Muroto just coming down from Temple 24 in the morning.

From there, we began the walk north towards Kōchi City. It was a long day walking along the coast on the old highways, about a half block inland from the current main highway, through one small fishing village after another.

Visited Temples 25 & 26 today. A few pictures of Temple 26, Kongōchōji.

About 28 km (17 mi) brought us to Hotel Nahari, our lodging for the night in the town of Nahari.

Tomorrow we walk to Temple 27 and spend the night at the foot of the mountain.

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