Saturday, April 23, 2016

Day 12: Kuroshio Town to Shimonokae

Beautiful day. Sunny in the morning, clouds showed up around noon, and it started to drizzle at 1:30. Began pouring after 4:00, but i was already in my room. They are saying we should expect rain some time during the day every day until Thursday. :-(

Breakfast tomorrow morning then a short(ish) 24 km down the coast to Temple 38. Could get there as early as noon, so i'll need to slow down or figure out where to sightsee adter visiting the temple.

Met a woman ftom the Netherlands at dinner tonight. She's doing the walk with almost no Japanese language abilities. That always impresses me.

Some pictures from today.

A beach many kilometers long, and with either hundreds or thousands of surfers today.

Sprnt a good portion of the morning in this type of area. Rice paddys, dry farming, and small communities.

Some paddys not yet planted, but flooded and almost ready to plant.

And many/most already planted with the birds looking for bugs for lunch.

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