Monday, April 11, 2016

Day 1, -1

Sitting in the Michi-No-Eki (highway rest area) in Hiwasa. Just visited Temple 23 again to make my start official (in my eyes), and will check in at my lodging in about a half hour. 

Tomorrow begins Day 1 as i head out of Hiwasa towards tomorrow's lodging in the town of Kaifu.

Got a phone call this morning from a friend in Tokyo. His wife must be kicking him out of the house for a few days because he told me he's getting on a plane ond coming to Tokushima to walk with me. Have no idea how long he'll be here.

As a side note, i'm sending this through the free "Tokushima Free Wifi" here at the Michi-No-Eki. Seems to work welk.

No pictures today. More tomorrow.

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