Monday, April 18, 2016

Day 7: Kōchi City (Still)

A very short day of only about 17 km, dictated by where i could find a room. Visited temples 31, 32, & 33, and am staying in lodging across the street from 33.

Was supposed to be cloudy to clear today but it ended up drizzling almost all day. Not enough to force me to put on rain gear but enough to drape my rain coat over my shoulders and pack.

Decided it wasn't going to get very cold any more so i sent a few books i had been given and my sweater back to the US from a small post office i passed. They must not get many foreign customers because by the time we were done there were three people helping me. Well, actually two--the two women did the work and the guy just chatted with me and watched them.

Some pictures from today:

Sun rise over rice paddys from my hotel room.

Along the trail:

Tomorrow on to temples 34-36.


Damian said...

I think you must have stayed at M. Kochiya. I was there in 2010 and the owner was very kind, asking for and doing my laundry at no extra charge. I remember sitting down to dinner with a retired Japanese professor of linguistics who had worked in the US and was now convinced that all Japanese food was bland and boring. Her remedy was to pour great quantities of shoyu over everything in her tray!

Lao Bendan said...

You are right, it was Kochi-ya. Boy has that place changed a lot since the first time i stayed there over a decade ago. Looks like a brand new place.