Monday, November 20, 2017

Mt. Ishizuchi

Spent my last day in Japan this trip climbing Ishizuchisan with a friend. Climbed through the clouds and light snow, but once on top the skies suddenly cleared for about 20 minutes before closing in again. Wonderful, wonderful day!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Henro Tour; Part 3

Beautiful early morning at the Awa-Ikeda Station on the way back to Tokushima City this morning.

Spent last night in Kōchi City, but in this small, 5 mat, room in Nakamura two nights ago as part 2 of this three-part fall in Japan came to an end. It's a very typical henro room, although most are usually a couple of tatami mats bigger than this.

Back in Tokushima, i was shocked to hear Christmas music at the department store mixed in with the regular musac. 

Then, when i came down to the lobby of tonight's hotel this is what i saw from the lobby window.

Have people become completely shameless? Already pushing Christmas in early November? Pretty soon it will be either Easter or Christmas all year long.

Had  a wonderful train ride from Kōchi City to Tokushima City this morning. Took about three and a half hours with the first half passing through the heart of the central mountain range and the second half a local train, stopping at every town and village so i could people watch.

In addition, it was a beautiful three and a half hours spent reading and meditating on the Ashtavakra Sutra. 

Second, and last, Mountain Hiking Holidays tour starts tomorrow morning. Have plans to climb Mt. Ishizuchi when the tour ends, but a Japanese friend told me today he doubts i will be able to---it's apparently already snowing in that area. :-(

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Still More Henro Pictures

The Daishi Hall at Iwamotoji, Temple 37.

And the reason people walk this crazy walk.

"Namu Daishi Henjō Kongō"

Praise To The Great Teacher Henjō Kongō (Kōbō Daishi). Or, 

I place myself completely in the hands and care of the Great Teacher, Kōbō Daishi.

Which is what a walking pilgrim is supposed to do.

More Random Henro Pictures

"Ema" prayer tablets and slips of paper with people's fortunes, which they tied on the wires here after reading them. At Temple 37.

A better picture of the Ema. You buy the small piece of wood, which may or may not have a decoration painted on it. You then write a wish on it and leave it here for the Buddhas and Bodhissttvas yo see and tske care of. People wish for success at school, at their job, a safe childbirth, safety and wellbeing at home, and anything else.

Heres an even closer look.

Some Random Henro Photos

The Pacific Ocean looking out from Hiwasa Bay, across from Temple 23.

The coast between Temples 23 and 24.

Early morning sunrise over Muroto City, on the way down from Temple 24.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Walking To Equality

Heading back to the hills to get to Temple 22: 

Then up towards the pass leading into the next valley: 

Finally arriving at Temple 22, the Temple of Equality and Impartiality: