Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 4: Nahari to Yasuda Town

Really, really slow day today. The walk to tje base of Temple 27 took only an hour and a half. First thing i did was look for tonight's lodging so i could leave my pack there and climb up to the temple withiout it.

Found the lodging and had coffee, then headed out again at 10:30. Expected the climb up and return to the lodging to take about 5 + hours, but without a pack i was back in the inn at about 2:00--even after eating lunch and killing time at the temple.

After that, i did absolutely nothing the rest of the day. Had dinner at 5:30 and was back in my room at 6:30. As i said, a really slow day.

Saw this really old house among other, newer buildings, during today's walk.

And this interesting Shinto torii on a huge rock on the beach in Yasuda Town whete  i'm staying tonight.

A couple pictures of the climb up to the temple. The temple is on the ridge in the background.

After a walk along a 1 1/2 lane farmer's road for awhile, i headed onto the trail up the side of the mountain.

And the inside of the Main Hall ( Hondō) at Temple 27, Kōnomineji.

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