Friday, April 22, 2016

Day 11: Kubokawa to Kuroshio Town

Another 30 km under the boots and i'm in a small ocean-side hotel about half way down the coast ftom Kōchi City to Cape Ashizuri. Near the Ariigawa Train Station.

A panorama of the view from my room:

Spent almost all morning inland walking from valley to mountain pass to valley to mountain pass. Nothing serious, but a day of constant ups and downs.

Somewhere around noon I got to the coast again and spent the afternoon walking along the ocean.

When i made my reservation here the other day, the woman told me i could pay either 6,500 yen or 7,300 yen. The difference is in the food you get. I asked what she recommended, knowing full well she would choose the higher amount, but all she said was that the food would be delicious. I took her advice and told her i would pay the 7,300 yen---and she was right; tonight's dinner was one of the best i've ever had on Shikoku!

When i checked in to the hotel, the woman told me that the bath would be heated and ready to use at 3:30. I could use it at anytime after that. At 4:15 i went downstsirs snd asked if i could use it, and when told "Yes, of course," i asked where it was. To which i got the reply, "In your room, of course." I.E., the "bath" is the unit bath/shower in my room, just like in all hotel rooms. 

Just thought i'd share a scene that only henro could really appreciate. A bench in front of a convenience store where all henro wiil certainly stop to take a break and eat lunch. The sign is covered by someone's hakui (the white over-vest we wear) but it actually says that the bench is a "henro rest area."

One more day tomorrow walking without getting to Temple 38. But tomorrow gets me close enough that i'll get there on Sunday.


Unknown said...

Say what was the name of this place you stayed with the good food?

Lao Bendan said...

Hotel Umibozu. Just south of the Ariigawa Train Station on the Tosa-Kuroshio Line. It's on map 49b if you have a copy of Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide. I remember the food being incredibly fresh and deliciously prepared, but not as much quantity as you get in other minshuku. When i was there, it appeared to be very little used, there were only me, another henro, and an older couple spending the night. But the food and scenery was wonderful.