Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 15: Shimonokae to Sukumo

Started out cloudy as i headed north on Prefectural Highway 21 through the first valley that wokld take me to Temple 39. After about an hour, though, the clouds burned off and it was a hot and sunny 25° (77°F) day. 

It was a beautifil walk and now my favorite part of the trail, excepting several off road trails, of course.

As i got closer to the village of Mihara, the mountains right next to the road were replaced by bigger views and rice paddies much bigger than the standard size. 

... including this one with grandma out walking through the paddy replanting seedlings that hadn't survived.

A small Shinto shrine along the route.

And finally, the Daishi Hall at Temple 39, the first temple on the way back to Temple 1. 

For me, Temple 38 is the half way point. Until there, you are going south and west away from where you started. From Temple 38 and Cape Ashizuri, you are headed north and east--back towards home.

It's interesting, but i'm finding that the temples are of no intetest to me this walk. I stop, and usually chant the Heart Sutra, but they are only rest areas until i head back out on the trail again.

Weather reports are calling for heavy rains tomorrow. :-)

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