Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Variety And The Spice of Life

DHS 125

What a day of wide variety. Spent the early part of the morning reading about some fascinating conspiracy theories on the Enterprise Mission web site. It started with an explanation of the spiral lights that appeared in the skies over Norway last December and slowly worked its way into evil powers and world domination. Incredible stuff.

I got tired of that after a while so shifted over to something even more interesting, my copy of the Bicycle Repair Manual, where i read some heart stoppingly exciting information like:

Adjusting A Rear Mech
1) Shift the chain to the biggest chainring and smallest sprocket, then undo the cable-fixing clamp so that the cable hangs free.

  • Check the cable and fit a new one if it shows any signs of fraying. (see pg. 39)
  • Screw the barrel adjuster in or out, until it is at half its range.

2) Use the high adjuster (usually marked "H") to line up the jockey wheels with the smallest sprocket.

  • Once you have lined them up, rotate the pedals forwards while adjusting the "H" adjuster until the chain runs smoothly.
  • Pull the cable downwards through the cable-fixing clamp and re-clamp it.


Pretty good stuff.

After that i was so worked up i pulled out my bike, loaded the panniers, packed a lunch, filled a thermos full of tea and headed out to my favorite lunch spot for an afternoon in the sun. A beautiful 66°F (19°C) day. Could hardly have been better. Not too hot, not too cold. Bright blue sunny skies. Friendly traffic on all the roads. And, the first day in riding shorts instead of tights. Oh, it was heavenly, i'll tell you.

And speaking of heavenly, if i was out looking to pick up women i now know where i would go — my favorite lunch park. Yep, they were out by the dozens, jogging and walking their dogs along the trails running through the park. Buy a dog and head to the dog walking park. From my picnic bench it sure looked like a fail-safe method.

The front panniers act like sails when there is a cross wind, but all in all, the bike still handles very well with then hanging on the front. I weighed them this evening and the two of them, fully loaded, weigh 20 pounds. I haven't weighed the rear panniers yet. Maybe tomorrow.

After getting home, having a shower and a little snack, it was off to yoga class. After that, it was dinner and a relaxing evening with a book i've been working on for a few days now: The Essence Of Tai Chi Chi Kung, from which comes this:

According to Chinese Chi Kung and medicine, the Chi in your body is divided into two categories: Managing Chi (which is often called Nutritive Chi) and Guarding Chi. The Managing Chi is the energy which has been sent to the organs so that they can function.The Guardian Chi is the energy which has been sent to the surface of the body to form a shield to protect you from negative outside influences such as cold. In order to keep yourself healthy, you must learn how to manage these two Chi efficiently so they can serve you well.

Chi is classified as Yin because it can only be felt, while the physical body is classified as Yang because it can be seen. Yin is the root and source of the life which animates the Yang body (physical body) and manifests power or strength externally. Therefore, when the Chi is strong, the physical body can function properly and be healthy, and it can manifest a lot of power or strength.

In order to have a strong and healthy body, you must learn how to keep the Chi circulating in your body smoothly, and you mist also learn how to build up an abundant store of Chi. In order to reach these two goals, you must first understand the Chi circulatory and storage system in your body.


Then i realized it's going on 10:00 pm and i hadn't written my Daily Heart Sutra, so it was put the book down and go downstairs to write it, shrink it in size, and upload it here. Now, with all of that done, it's back to my Chi Kung book for a couple more hours of exploring those circulatory and storage systems.

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