Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Spring --- Do You Know Where Your Bicycle Is?

It's spring, and that can only mean one thing. The European bicycle racing season is underway. Already another big name drug cheat has been uncovered and suspended, the Schleck brothers are rumored to be starting their own team, Lance is working with his new team, and Alberto is with his old team but has still managed to win a couple of races, including Paris-Nice.

The saddest news this year is that Johan Bruyneel is leading the Radio Shack team. I so desperately wanted him to take Alberto to a third Tour win, but given Johan's relationship with Astana last year there was no way for that to happen. As much as i still believe that Alberto is twice as good a rider as Lance is in the legs and lungs (given Lance's age) everyone knows that "The Tour" is all about team work and using your head.

Both of those give a huge edge to Lance at this year's tour — Johan is a better manager than Astana's Martinelli, Radio Shack bought and took home all the Astana riders from last year, Astana doesn't care as much about Alberto winning (i read) as they do about having Kazaks of any skill level ride in the tour, and Lance is much more mature in the saddle (Although not as a person, IMO. I lost all respect for him for the way he handled his relationship with Alberto last year. All respect. Completely. Nothing left. Zero. Will be glad when he hangs up his saddle for good. Might even throw a party. Immature, spoiled, and brat are three words that come to mind. Actually only after a body part come to mind first, but i don't want to write that here.).

Oh this is going to be a good Tour this year. Given that i'll be out on the road myself for most of July, i don't know what i'm going to do. I haven't missed following a Tour in many a year but will have no way to follow it this year. Sigh.

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