Monday, March 22, 2010

The Freedom of Limitations

"[F]irst. totally accept your life and what you did in the past. Then, based on the past, make a choice about what to do in the present, and by your decision you can create a new life in the future. That is the real meaning of freedom. Freedom is the vastness of existence where you can accept your past and create your new life moving toward the future. But there is no freedom without limitation. Freedom must be created within limitation. Within the limitation of karma from the past, there is a chance to create a new life. Whatever you did, this is true, so accept responsibility for your life. Then, with your free will, make a choice."

"If you are interested in Zen Buddhism, you are free to decide what to do. You can go to a Zen center for practice and study. Then if you don't like that place, that's ok, go someplace else. That is a choice you make with your own free will. But if you choose to stay and practice at a Zen center, there are limitations, rules and regulations. So with your freedom you can make a choice, but after making the choice you should throw away your freedom and practice according to the rules and regulations. Then you can create your destiny, the new life you are interested in, because your deeds are causes and your future life is the result."

Each Moment Is The Universe
Dainin Katagiri

   1) Know who you are.
   2) Understand your past.
   3) Decide where you want to go.
   4) Find a path leading in that direction.
   5) Accept the limitations inherent in all paths.
   6) Persevere in the face of the inevitable hardships.
6.5) Offer help to everyone.
6.7) Accept help when offered.
   7) Focus on the moment, not the future.
   8) Smile often. Laugh even more.
   9) Celebrate being on the path; don't wait to celebrate your arrival.
 10) Accept your future.

DHS 131

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