Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TransAm Travel

OK, it's official — i just bought my return air ticket online using my United Frequent Flyer Miles.

Here's my schedule:

- During the day on 17th: Ride from Florence back to Eugene
- Late afternoon of 17th: Drop my bike off at Paul's Bicycle Way of Life
    (Probably the 6th Street shop)
- Evening of 17th or Late morning of the 18th: Dinner or lunch with
    internet friends if possible.
- Morning or early afternoon of 18th: Bus to Portland
- 19th & 20th: Portland Japanese Garden, Powells Books, Sightseeing
- 21st: Very early morning flight to Chicago.
    * Chose a 5:45 am flight because that puts me in Chicago at
      ~2:40 pm, which gives me time to take the train
      from O'Hare into the city to connect to another
      train out to Lockport. Will be home around 6:00 pm.

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