Saturday, February 13, 2010

TransAm Map

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This is a very rough map of the TransAm Ride. I found a good map online and used GIMP to add an approximation of the route i'll be following.

You can see that after dipping my back tire in the Atlantic in Yorktown, VA, i'll head north to a little north of Richmond, VA, then drop back south again to the North Carolina border (without actually entering the state).

From there you head north again to just below Lexington, KY, and from there ride just about straight west until you get to Carbondale, IL. From Carbondale you head west to the IL/MO border then head south to the MO/Arkansas border. Then it is a west/northwest climb through Missouri and Kansas and into Colorado, with a stop at Pueblo, CO, which is the half way point of the trip.

From Pueblo, you begin a northwest climb through Colorado, Wyoming, and up to the northwest corner of Wyoming where you enter Yellowstone Park.

After touring Yellowstone, it's a continued northwest climb to the northern-most point of the trip in Missoula, MT, the home of Adventure Cycling Association, the people who make the maps i'm following.

From Missoula, it is southwest through Idaho until you get to about the middle of Oregon (north to south), where you cross the border and ride west through OR to the coast, stopping at the Pacific in the town of Florence.

That's it. All in 78 days.

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