Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Training Ride

DHS 109

Started my training rides this afternoon because it doesn't look like it is ever going to quit snowing here so there is no reason to put it off any longer. There is a chance of snow a couple of times this coming week. Sighhhh...

Did one of my lazy 16 mile lunch runs — 8 miles east to my favorite forest preserve, had lunch of 2 onigiri (rice balls with salmon seasoning and wrapped in nori seaweed), a banana, and a cup of yoghurt. Washed down with a thermos of green tea. Then 8 miles back home.

The shoulders of the road are still covered in snow, but the roads themselves are clear. Wet, but clear. I had to ride in about 3 in. (5 cm) of snow to got to the picnic tables once in the forest preserve, but they are covered so it is clear and dry once you get to them. The temperature was about 37°F (3°C) but i was plenty warm with my light tights and rain pants on the bottom and 2 coolmax shirts, light fleece jacket, and windbreaker on the top. Plus gloves and beanie, of course.

Didn't carry anything more than i usually do. The handlebar bag never comes off the bike because i carry my wallet, phone, keys, gum, etc. in that. Usually i carry my cheap-o "in town" panniers because no one is ever going to want to steal them. Today, and from now on, i used the Ortlieb rear panniers. I threw my tent and the thermos in one side, my rain jacket, food, and tools in the other side.

Felt good to be back on the bike again. It's been a long winter.

More proof that we live in a very small world: I called REI tonight (out in Washington State) to order my freeze-dried food. Was going to do it online, but a lot of the entrees are out of stock so i called to verify when they'd be in if i back-ordered them (March 10th). Then the REI web site crashed while i was on the phone with customer service, so we went ahead and placed the order over the phone. Long story short, the woman who was assisting me...... used to live here in Lockport and her husband worked just down the road.

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