Monday, February 15, 2010

Piles Of Stuff

DHS 96/100

I spent the morning inventorying all the equipment & clothing i plan to take on my TransAm trip. Notes and a picture are on the Pre-Ride Notes page of my TransAm web site.

The picture doesn't show all the food because i'm holding off to the first of March, and a new paycheck, to buy it. I did buy seven of the dinners already because Wal-Mart was discontinuing one variety and selling them for $2 less than what i'll pay at REI. The rest i'll get at REI because they offer a 10% discount when i buy it, and another 10% will be refunded to me with my annual membership refund check next spring, which i can use to buy part of a new pair of cycling shorts or more food to stash at home for future GIT rides.

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