Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy New Year

DHS 94/100

Well, life was nice while it lasted........ :-(

Tomorrow is the start of the new New Year (Chinese style) and for us snakes, it seems that it is going to be a year of waist high doggie doodoo all year. One site online says we snakes are going to have 10 bad months and 2 good months, and i certainly hope my two good months come in May and June. I wonder if i can pre-order those as the good ones?

Another online site says i'm a weak wood snake — apparently being born in mid-afternoon, at the end of the week, in the middle of an Iowa summer isn't conducive to strength in snakes? Anyway, that site went on to say that for us weak wood snakes this year is going to be the worst of the worst, the bottom of the pit, worse than life under the center hole of the three-holer behind the kitchen on my long past grandfather's farm in Nevada, Iowa.

The site also said the worst color for us is red. RED! If you saw the picture i posted of my bicycle the other day you'll see that i bought all red panniers and bags. My shirts will all be red. My bandanna is red. My helmet is red. My aim was to be extremely visible on the side of the road while riding the TransAm, but now i wonder if i was only marking myself as a target.

Not that i'm panicking or anything, but 10 bad vs. 2 good? How can anyone call that fair? They said that in general i'm screwed; my career possibilities are generally screwed, but if i jump at the correct time and opportunity it could work, maybe, possibly; and my love life is screwed unless i want to marry a dog, a real one, not the sign. Oi, oi, oi. Aigo, aigo, aigo.....

So, it was nice knowing all of you. It was truly fun and interesting while it lasted. If anyone knows some good cure-alls, or has any good luck amulets for sale let me know. Not that i'm superstitious or anything, i am most definitely not, and don't believe a word of that nonsense, but... just in case, let me know.

Don't bend over now
Stand tall and keep those cheeks clinched
Hold on for twelve months

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