Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Advance Confidently And Pass Beyond

DHS 83/100

"I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. He will put some things behind, will pass an invisible boundary; new, universal, and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within him; or the old laws be expanded, and interpreted in his favor in a more liberal sense, and he will live with the license of a higher order of beings. In proportion as he simplifies his life, the laws of the universe will appear less complex, and solitude will not be solitude, nor poverty poverty, nor weakness weakness. If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them"

Henry David Throeau

(Underlines are mine)

Bodai satta e hannya hara mita ko
Shin mu ke ge
Mu ke ge ko
Mu u ku fu
On ri issai ten dō mu sō
Kū gyō nehan

Because Bodhisattvas rely on the Perfection of Wisdom
Nothing obstructs their mind
Because obstructions do not exist
They have no fear
And pass completely beyond illusions and imagination 
And attain ultimate enlightenment

Hannya Shingyō
Heart Sutra

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