Saturday, December 5, 2009

In The Womb

DHS 24/100

Behold Your Life Day 4: In the womb. The pilgrimage of life starts tomorrow, i assume. Until then we rest, grow stronger, and nourish ourselves for 9 months in the comfort and security of our mother's womb. It's too easy to overlook the gifts our mothers gave every day of this period. In most cases, this may be one of the happiest periods of her life, but even in the most unwanted of pregnancies she protects you with her life, she feeds you with her own body, she sacrifices food, sleep, health, her mobility, her hobbies, possibly her career, and much, much more for one sole purpose — to nurture and protect your life and to safely bring you into the world.

During this 9 months she probably talked to you. Often. When other people were around and in secret, when no other ears were around. She probably told you her secrets, told you of her daily life, told you of her hopes and dreams for herself and for you, told you of the mysteries of her world. And what did she ask in return for these stories? Only that you show your face at the end of the 9 months and add another life to the world.

So, during this 9 months, rest, listen to your mother's stories, and allow your body to grow and get stronger. While there may be no subject/object duality during this period, know that the circus will start the second you pass through the gate into the world your parents inhabit. Your mind is starting at zero — empty of knowledge and empty of wisdom. The battle is just beginning.

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