Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Get Your Butt Out Here!

DHS 20/100
(Did i really promise 100 consecutive days? Aigo, aigo, aigo,.... What was i thinking????)

Found this on the roadside about 3 mile from home.
Road Kill 6
Just this. One. Focus!
Was it like this way back when?
Run. Chase. Catch. Kill. Live.

After my run, i found an email from the library saying that my copy of Behold Your Life: A Pilgrimage Through Your Memories had come in so i walked down to pick it up after lunch. The book is a 40 day journey through your life with instructions to read only one chapter a day and reflect on that day's message and questions. I'll start that tomorrow and it's killing me not to look ahead and see what to expect. But, i'm going to stick to discipline and not look.

Where the questions are specifically Christian, i'll look at them from my non-Christian perspective. We'll see how that works out, given that i don't know what questions are going to come up. But, the journey is off to a good start as the instructions end with this quote from Rumi:

I called through your door,
"The mystics are gathering
in the street. Come out!"

"Leave me alone.
I'm sick."

"I don't care if you're dead!
Jesus is here, and he wants
to resurrect somebody."

:-) I love that.

Get out here!
   I'm sick, i told you.
I don't care if you're dead, i said get your butt out here. Didn't you hear who i am?
   Go away, i'm in a bad mood.
Don't you understand who i am? I can take care of that. Get out here NOW!
   Just go away, please.
If i have to come in there, there will be Hell to pay.
   You're funny. If you don't leave now, i'm going to call the cops.

Sometimes, even when the solutions appear at your door, we're too closed-minded to accept them, preferring to continue to suffer. Alone. What a waste, but an incredibly hard habit to break once you fall in that hole.

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