Thursday, May 12, 2016

Day 30: Zentsuji to Kokubunji

We had a huge storm last night. It woke me up sometime after midnight, and i thought it was going to blow the hotel over. Torrential rains and very strong winds. I'm sure glad it waited until i was checked in before it started.

Early morning henro at one of the temples today. Maybe it was the early morning light, or maybe i wasn't fully awake yet, but they looked just like pigeons at the time.

Here's the entrance to another temple, but what's interesting to me is the stone marker in the middle of the sidewalk, before the gate. It says "Dismount," as in get off your horse here. Obviously a tradition left over from a previous time in history.

A statue at Temple 77, i think, with a child entreating the Daishi for something.

A grest many temples have straw sandals hanging on, or in the back side of, the niōmon. This is to grant walking henro strong feet, which is definitely a wish we need fulfilled.

Saw the skinnyest house i have ever seen this afternoon.

Tomorrow i climb to Shiromineji and Negoroji, Temples 81 & 82. After that i'll visit one of the bangai temples before calling it a day. It's not very far, but to make lodging work out in the long run i decided to stop pretty early tomorrow. I'll spend a lot of time at both Temple 81 & 82 and maybe do some exploring on the way back down off the mountain just to use up some time. 

My schedule is now set. I'll get to T88 and spend the night in a minshuku there on Sunday night. All i have to figure out now is by which route i am walking back to T1 from T88.

I want to walk a new route, but to date i can't get lodging where i need it and unless that changes i'll be forced to walk the standard Temple 88-->Temple 10-->Temple 1 route one more time.

Overcast a lot of today, but it is supposed to be nice for the next three days.

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