Monday, May 2, 2016

Day 21: Uchiko to Kuma Kogen

Last night's lodging didn't offer the normal sit-down b'fast this morning, but, instead, gave me a bento (box lunch) that i could eat in my room before leaving or take it with me and eat it on the road, which is what i did. So, an hour after setting out i stopped to eat several small onigiri, sime fried egg, and a sliver of salmon.

Another beautiful day. As hot as yesterday but since the majority of the day was spent walking in the forest, and out of the sun, it was easy walking.

Some pictures from today.

An early morning in a mountain farming community. 

A Daishi Hall (i think) near the top of one of today's mountain passes. 

The view of the town Kuma Kogen from the hills on the way into town.

And the same view from the oppisite side, looking back from the trail going out of town to Temples 44 & 45. The hills in the back-right are what i crossed to get into town and T44.

Another nice statue. This one of the eleven-faced Kannon; eleven faces symbolizing the fact that she can see everything, everywhere in order to find anyone that needs help.

Went to the dining room at 6:30 for dinner and was shocked when i was told i didn't get any.  When i asked "Dinner and breakfast aren't included?", i was ever more shocked when his response was a simple "You didn't ask for them."

I've never encountered this before. But, there was nothing to say so i changed back into street clothes and went across the street to the convenience store to buy something to eat. Intetesting.

Tomorrow i walk into Matsuyama City, stopping at Temples 46-51 snd covering about 33 km. Don't yet know what time the rains will start. Supposed to be in the afternoon, but at what time?

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