Monday, May 2, 2016

Day 20: Ōzu to Uchiko

Walked well past the center of Uchiko. Ended up stopping about 13 km short of Kuma Kogen, where Temple 44 is located.

Matsushita-san left me about a half kilometer from my lodging as he turned onto Highway 42, to get all the way to Kuma Kogen, to catch a bus to Matsuyama, to catch a train to Takamatsu. I think I'm on my own for the rest of the walk.

Hot day again today; was around 26° (78°F). Should be the same tomorrow but rain is forecast for sometime on Tuesday and Wednesday. If I'm lucky it will rain Tuesday night, after i check in, and stop in the morning before i check out. 

Met this guy on the road today.

A very nice Daishi Hall out on one of the back trails. For being out in nowhere-land it is very well maintained.

A wooden zoo along side the road. Quite a few animals in it, but a preponderance of penguins.

Another nice view from one of the back roads.

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