Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 23: Matsuyama to Imabari City, Kikuma

Stayed in the worst minshuku ever last night. They checked everyone in and the disappeared. It was like staying in a college dorm; people coming in and going out until well past midnight, and the last of the talking and singing not until 2am. Little sleep.

Was out and on the road at 6:30. Beautiful day, but got pretty hot by afternoon; maybe around 27° (80°F)

I'm staying in a hotel at Marina Seagull on the west side of Imabari City, maybe 20km north of Temple 53. It seems pretty empty, but the guy who checked me in (and who then went back to repairing a jet ski) told me that boating season doesn't start until June.

I've had stomach trouble since day one of this walk and have been afraid to drink coffee without certain access to bathrooms. I know, TMI, be i'm happy because today is Day 23, and the first day i felt good/safe enough to actually stop for a break at a coffee shop and slowly enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Some pictures from today.

At T53, in the back of a very, very small cemetery, is this small foot-and-a-half tall stone marker. If you picture the very small hump on top extendind another 15 cm (6") higher, it would be in the shape of a cross. 

The figure in the stone is supposed to be Mary, of Christian fame. Back in the days when being a Christian wouldvgrt you killed, the made this stone to look like a Buddhist grave marker so they could worship in secret.

A restaurant made to look like a train. 

Found mysrlf back by the ocean this morning after several days in the mountains.

Then part of the afternoon was back in the hills. This was from those hills as i headed fown to the coast to find the marina.

Tomorrow i'm off to visit Temples 54-58.

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