Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moving Forward

Still moving southward. Am spending the night in a campground in Arcola, IL. Rode 60 miles today and i'm taking off tomorrow to try and get out of the sun and heat for a half day. Will ride to a campground in Effingham but that appears to be a little less than 40 miles so I could get there early. I'll do nothing but take a shower and relax for the rest of the day.

Whenever I see a tree with shade I pull over and get out of the sun for a while, even if I just did the same thing 3 miles before. Between that and drinking lots and lots of liquids, that's how i'm hanging on. This afternoon I was laying under a tree in someone's yard when the farmer/owner came out. He said not to worry, he wasn't going to tell me to leave, he just wanted to be sure I was OK and refill my water bottles. Long story short, we chatted for a half hour. One of his sons was in the nuclear navy and worked at the same place I did in Idaho. His grand-daughter is also in the nuclear navy and was stationed in Alameda, CA. I was there for the short time I was on an aircraft carrier back in the 70's. Another son lives in Plainfield, IL, just across the river from Lockport. In the end he invited me to stop back in again, which I said I would do if I ever came by that way again, but admitted it was doubtful. To give you an idea of how far out in the middle of nowhere/farm country he was, he said they typically see 5-6 cars a day on the road in front of his house. Corn in front, behind, both sides, and across the street.

Eating at Subway but just finished. Time to head back to the campground to see if I can get the All-Star Game on my radio.

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