Monday, July 18, 2011

Have I Told You?

Did I ever tell you that I hate dogs?

Today's friendly encounter was with a pack of three of them, but two were obviously the leaders. After last year's crash I don't try and outrun them anymore I just stop and hope they lose interest, with my bike between them and me and a can of pepper spray in one hand.

I saw these three take off from the front yard at a full sprint. They didn't come straight at me, but angled through the yard and through the next yard so that by the time I got there they would have perfectly intercepted me. Problem was, I stcpped when I saw them so there we were, me stopped in front of one driveway them standing in the road in front of the next barking and running in circles as if taunting me to move ahead.

I partially blocked traffic in the hopes that with traffic coming to a stop the dogs would lose interest and go home but no luck. Traffic just kept going, the dogs stood their ground and kept barking, and I just stood there.

After 5 minutes or so the owner came out and gave me the standard line: they won't hurt you. Bull shit. This owner was at least a little more honest and said "they won't hurt you, they just want to chase you down the road." Incredible bull shit.

The owner told me to ride and that he would stand there and watch them. Which he did, and no more. I rode at a snails pace and they tracked me move for move for about 100 yards, never attacking but always there barking, growling, and with teeth bared.

Did I tell you that I hate dogs?

Got to Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park at 11:00 after an easy morning of riding, except for the dogs, which I hate (did I tell you that yet?). No one was at the check-in booth but a sign said to go to Site 201. When I got there no one was home, turns out they have the day off. Went to the camp store. They were closed and didn't open until 5:00. So much for lunch.

It's now 1:00 and i'm just sitting at a picnic table by the store staying out of the sun. Will try the check-in booth again at 3:00 when they are supposed to open.

Today was easy, the next two days are supposed to be long and hard again.

Did I tell you I hate dogs? And many dog owners.

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Oh! I love dogs! I own a cute little dogie but I always get scared of dogs in my neighborhood. So, I can understand your situation well.