Monday, July 11, 2011

Fried On The Side of The Road

Left home at 8:45 Sunday morning and headed south to find the TransAm Trail in southern Illinois. It was brutal out there. Brutal. A sign on a building on the outskirts of Dwight, IL, said it was 95 degrees at 4:30. After eight and a half hours I had only managed 56.5 miles for the day. At 5, when I finally got to Dwight I knew I could go no further. I was cooked. I was exhausted. I was dead meat pedaling a bike.

Spent the night in my tent behind a convenience store. But it was a fitfull sleep as it was humid and never dropped below the mid-70s.

Today is predicted for more of the same. I'm headed to Gibson City, maybe 45mi?, where i'll stop for the night. Hopefully i'll get there early.

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