Monday, June 27, 2011

Weird Thoughts

Had a weird thought while eating dinner tonight. It popped up out of nowhere and i wonder if the onions or green or red peppers (or maybe the tofu) was bad in the stir-fry i made?

Anyhow, if i do pedal my bike to the west coast this summer, which is looking pretty certain, a look online says that both flying or Greyhound will cost just over $200 to get me back to Chicago from Portland. Likewise for Amtrack.

But...... what i noticed is that i can get an Amtrak US Pass that is valid for 15 days and 8 "sections" for $389, about $170 more.

Amtrack from Portland to Vancouver.
Vancouver back to Seattle.
Across the northern US border with Seattle to Boston.
Down the east coast with Boston to New Orleans.
Across the southern border with New Orleans to Los Angeles.
Up the west coast with LA to Sacramento.
Through the mountains and the heartland with Sacramento to Chicago.

I don't know if that's 8 sections or 80, but it should be close, i would think. All for a measly $170 more than a simple plane ride directly home in a few hours!

Plan the schedules well enough and i sleep most nights on the train. An occasional sleep in a train station so i can walk around town for a day before getting back on the train. Or, get off in the morning, walk around, and get back on a late train that night. Once or twice in a cheap hotel just to get a shower and a shave. Or skip both and wash up in the bathroom on the train. Homemade PB&J sandwiches twice a day, one real meal at dinner or lunch.

What, a total of $170 + $200, or $370 extra dollars??? Is that possible?


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