Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Garage... Sort of

When i hired myself out as a guide and translator on Shikoku this spring i told the guy i walked with that i get to keep none of the money i was earning. The house desperately needs some maintenance so that's where all the money is going.

Spent a little of the money on landscaping to build a new flower garden around a new maple tree i planted last fall (my sister found it on sale for $15 and at that price i had to buy it) and will use a little more for a second garden in the next few weeks. I bought a small Japanese garden lantern so will build something to showcase that, moving some hostas, lilies, and wild grass from the back yard over to that new garden. Shouldn't cost all that much.

In addition to that i put new gutters on the whole house and am now painting both the house and the garage. The painters came out yesterday and power washed the entire garage.

Today they came out and painted it, in effect giving me a new garage. They'll be back in a week or two to do the house as well. I'll post pictures then.

Now i just need to find someone else to hire me for next spring so i can do some work on the house foundation.

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