Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not-So-Random Acts Of Kindness

This is too long to simply quote here, so go over to the below blog entry at Psych Central and read the whole post there. Then put it to use and practice each and every day. Keep yourself poised and ready all day long for any chance to offer a not-so-random act of kindness.

What would the world be like if we all reduced, even just a smidgen, our focus on "i, me, mine" and spent part of every day focused on "we, us, our's?" Huh????????

For some it wouldn't be easy at first, and after a week the experiment would be over, but if we all tried, and we all stuck with it, and we all encouraged each other, and we all congratulated each other, and we all built incentives into our lives to keep us on track, and we all asked our friends and colleagues and peers to hold us accountable for a certain number each day/week, and these not-so-random acts started to become a habit, and.... and... and... Just think what the world would be like.

How high can you count?

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