Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chained To Tradition

Couldn't have said it any better, so here it is, straight from VeloNews.com:

Neal Rogers Opinion: It’s wrong to vilify Alberto Contador

I love this year's tour, but my head and heart are split right down the middle. I pray that Contador wins, not because i really like the guy (he's not as bad as Armstrong supporters maliciously make him out to be), but because i so desperately want someone to beat Armstrong's record seven wins and Alberto is a man who could possibly, conceivably, maybe do it. I don't want that just because i don't like Armstrong (disclosure: i admire him as an athlete, not as a person, and suspect he doped), but because people are so adamant in saying that no one will ever beat Armstrong's record. Throw down a challenge like that and i'm in line to support anyone who can possibly, conceivably, maybe do it. And if Contador manages to pull it off, i'll be in the next line supporting the next challenger.

Then on the other hand, i would love to see Schleck win the tour. He seems like such a nice guy. He seems not to be a drug cheat (although i admit you can't tell something like that by reading media reports and watching videos of the Tour), seems to be incredibly personable and gets along with everyone, and obviously loves racing a bike. If pro bike racing was composed of guys like him, there is a good future for the sport. If he wears the yellow in Paris, the Tour will be well represented.

Contador? Schleck? Contador? Schleck? .... My head says Contador, but my heart says it doesn't matter as long as the race continues to be as exciting as it has been so far. Go Thor! Go Andy! Go Alberto! Man, you have to love this race.....

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