Saturday, July 24, 2010

Japanese TV Commercials

I found these two Japanese commercials, here, apparently, aired on Thai TV, hilarious. They are advertising for Oishi-brand green tea.

The first is completely self explanatory, but should not be tried at home, or at least not without supervision. As the disclaimer says near the end, it may not work for everyone.

In the second one, two girls walk up to a bunch of kids drinking water from a river and ask if it might not be better to drink the water further upstream. The bully of the group grumbles that it doesn't matter, it's all the same everywhere they drink. The girls proceed to walk upstream past two old men bathing in the water, and then one of the men wonders to himself, now where did they get to? as he looks around for something.

Now i'm no marketing expert, but i have a feeling that these might not have made it on US TV.

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