Saturday, June 26, 2010

Green Tea

Was reading through the instructions that came with the Shincha green tea i received the other day, and in the English version i found one paragraph i particularly liked and one that was curious:

"This year's first harvest of new shoots, Shincha is the epitome of freshness and youth. Nurtured by a warm spring breeze, and cultivated in full sunlight, this limited-supply tea offers a youthful vitality and delicate fragrance unlike any other. As you sip on this year's Shincha, its scent will remind you of a light May breeze — so refreshing, so rejuvenating."

And for the confusing part:

"The Secret to Making Delicious Tea

"There are 3-key elements to brewing tea: tea leaves, water and time. The secret to making delicious Japanese green tea is using enough tea leaves, ensuring that the water is the right temperature, and pouring the tea soon after the leaves have unraveled inside the teapot. The essence of the tea's flavor is contained in the last few drops, so it is important not to leave any tea in the teapot."

For the life of me i can't figure out how the essence of a tea can be in the last few drops in the bottom of the teapot.??? But, i don't use one so that could be why i don't understand. I have an electric hot pot that keeps water hot all day so i can have tea anytime i want without boiling water first. (I drink a dozen+ cups a day) For Christmas i'm going to buy myself a kyūsu (teapot) with the Heart Sutra written on it so maybe by the first of 2011 i'll have figured it out.

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