Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Official Sign of Summer

It' now officially the start of summer here at home — the first Day Lily poked it's head out yesterday morning in my front yard. :-)

I started with a few dozen lilies, give or take, ten years ago and each spring i transplant some of the new growth to other places around the yard. They are slowly taking over the entire property, which makes me very happy.

I've spent the better part of the past week and a half working in the front yard so now, in addition to the healing road burns on my hands and arms, i have a few blisters to show off. Have been trimming all the bushes, trimming the cherry tree, pulling weeds, transplanting/moving some of the Russian Sage, and just getting everything ready to lay down some mulch.

I still have more weeds to pull and i need to cut back some of the grass around the bushes along the sidewalk. Plus i need to move some of the (soon to be) tall grass that is now growing in the shade of the cherry tree over to the side yard. All in all, i think just a few more days and i can call the front yard complete for this spring.

Still don't have my bike back from the bike shop and it's been almost two weeks. If it doesn't come back home soon i'm going to have to start running; my body is screaming for some exercise, at least more than walking downstairs for another cup of coffee every now and then, which is all it's getting right now.

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