Thursday, June 10, 2010

Giddy With Pleasure

Lao, you're acting weird again.

Listen Dave, you know you tell me that too often, don't you? What is it now?

Lao, i only tell you these things because i care for you. But this time you're getting ridiculous.

WHAT, already. Just spit it out.

OK, OK. I'm getting to it. Geesh.... You know you haven't been in the best of moods the last week or so...

That's none of your business.

It is as long as i'm stuck living in the same house. Anyhow, today you're in a great mood. Almost giddy with pleasure.

Yeah.... Sooooo.....???

Well, you know it's only because she decided to come back home again.


Well, you know, you shouldn't let your moods be decided by whether or not she's here, or not. Whether you get to spend time with her or not. You've got to learn to live on a more even keel. We've talked about this before and you agreed with me.

Oh, god, not this again. Listen, i have tried; you know that. But i can't help myself — when i see her my heart goes wild and i just can't think straight. It's love. You know that.

Lao, she's green.

So, i don't care.

She's wiry. Skinny as a rail. Not an ounce of fat on her frame.

I know, i like that. She exudes so much energy. My adrenaline starts pumping with just one touch. And when you get her going, all you can do is hope you're able to hold on tight until she tires out. Which is always long after i do. ;-)

She's been abused, you know. And it shows. And just last month she knocked you around pretty badly. You haven't forgotten that?

It wasn't her fault. She was running from something and i just happened to be in the way.

Lao, listen man, get your head straight. If she really cared for you she would have been home weeks ago. Instead she stayed away this time for three weeks even though you were told it would be one.

Dave, stop. Please. She's back. That's all i care about. All that matters is when i get up in the morning she's downstairs waiting for me. When i say "let's go out" she's always right there for me. She's faithful to a fault, no matter what you say, she's gorgeous, and oh, man, what a figure.

Lao, you're hopeless. When did she get home anyway?

I walked to the bike shop this morning as soon as they called and rode her home from there. Dave, you just don't know how good it felt to have her back.

You're hopeless, Lao.

Yeah..... i know....

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