Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Become The Sky

I know i posted this once before but i was watching it again tonight and love it so incredibly much that i want to post it again so that people get another chance to watch it, reflect on it, and let the message sink in.

Rumi: Become The Sky

"Inside this new love....die.
"Your way begins on the other side.
"Become the sky."

Ahhhh, the simple beauty of that truth. Once "you" die, once that bag of beliefs, ideas, thoughts, truths, and certainties is laid to rest and given a proper burial, then, and only then, does your true life start. Only then do you really find the Way. Only then do you find out who you really are.

Your way begins on the other side of that gateless gate, that gate between where you are and where you belong. It's a beautiful gate, masterfully constructed by master craftsmen and women with incomparable skills.

It's large enough to let vast legions of people pass through yet small enough to store under one corner of your zabuton for those early morning sits when you're aching to see, aching to understand the whos, whats, whys, and wherefores of your life.

There's even a portable version of this marvelous gate that you can keep in your daypack, purse, or wallet for those long commutes back and forth to work. And even though it's compact, its gate still opens to the most amazing of places, those places of no time and no space, of no hatred or greed, of no judgment or labeling, of love and compassion, of unbridled happiness and sense of well-being.

All that's required of the user is to enter. With just one step you're through. Just one short, simple step. That's all it takes. And to make it even easier, those craftsmen and women left the gate off the hinges, so when you look closely, you see that there is absolutely nothing preventing you from entering.

Take the chance. Dare to risk it. Step through. Become the sky, accepting all, holding nothing, Being in all its simplicity.

Enter the gate. Do it now.

DHS 76/100

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