Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Questionable Art

So i'm just throwing this out there.

I bought the below oil painting (i think it's oil) way back in '73 or '74. It's about 3' x 3' in size. I was in the Navy, had just finished school, and been given my first assignment to a submarine and was looking for something to decorate the walls of an apartment i was renting. In Charleston, South Carolina.

The story i always tell is that i stumbled across the painting in a grocery store. I still think that was true, but certainly wouldn't bet any money on it. I wasn't the art gallery type back then (they didn't sell beer) so it had to be something like a grocery store or Ben Franklins.

After 40 years i still love it but after carting it everywhere around the country, i've suddenly gotten curious as to who "Candace" is. That name is the only thing written on it. I've googled the name and the name plus "artist" but the returns are too many to make any sense out of it. I just see no way to figure out who the painter was.

I'm not assuming the painting is worth anything, i'm just curious about who painted it and what they might have done since. 40 years is a long relationship. No? So, the questions is, how does one go about figuring out something like this? Is it impossible? Possible if you have thousands of dollars to pay a professional to track it down (which i don't)? How? Anyone have any ideas?

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