Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Keeping Busy

In my never ending attempt to simplify and unclutter my house (and life), i decided to build a new bookshelf in the dining room and then use that to get rid of three smaller, 2-shelf units scattered here and there in three different rooms.

I didn't want my typical bookshelf — a basic box, completely closed in with sides and backing. I wanted something that left the wall open so that you could see through it and not make the room appear any smaller once it is in place. I also didn't want to lose the spot in the center of the wall where i rotate different pictures of the henro trail.

It's not nailed in place yet, but this is what i came up with. After it's nailed in place i have two more pieces to add on the left and right of the picture in the center, but that will take some time because i have to find two Japanese designs i like and then carve/cut it into approriate pieces of wood. Mt. Fuji? The henro trail and a temple? Some kanji: Namu Daishi Henjo Kongo on one side and Dogyo Ninin on the other? Hmmmmm.....

... a few hours later...

Still have to work on the decorative pieces over the next few days, but at least the books are now moved. Woodblock prints, Japanese art & architecture, Japanese joinery, Shakuhachi, Japanese gardens, Japanese travel, Japanese language, French, Mathematics, Physics, a few regularly-used Buddhist books, and some henro related stuff.

Time to call it quits for the day.

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