Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No One Should Love Me

I just realized i wasted almost an entire day. There are three books that i have set aside where i read one entry each and every morning. It's usually the first thing i do after breakfast. Today i read two of them but set one aside so i could take care of some other 'stuff.' It's now dinner time and i decided to read it before cooking something to eat. How could i have know that i could have had an entire day to mull this over had i read it this morning like i was supposed to?

Today's entry in Venkatesananda's commentary of the Bhagavad Gita, The Song of God, is one of those that gives you an entire 24 hours worth of food for thought. If you can read past the "God" word, and understand what he is really pointing out, enjoy this:

"No activity will lead you to God, yet you cannot remain without action even for a second. Life itself is action. Actions arise in God's nature and that nature carries on the world-play. Therefore, work—but 'work for me'—realizing that God is the source of action. 'I' am not the doer at all. God is your supreme goal, but let not this idea tempt you to neglect your duties.

"Knowing that God, is in all, that God is the all, be devoted to the welfare of all beings. Beware, however, lest you should get attached to them. You love them—no, not 'them', but the God in them.

"This non-attachment, in its turn, has one peril. It may lead you to a life of isolation, a dread of people and of living with them and serving them. It may even make you feel that the world and its peoples are your enemies who will lead you astray, so that you should avoid them like poison! If you entertain this idea, you will be throwing the child away with the bathwater. You will be shutting the omnipresent God out of your heart.

"The perception of truth or the reality transforms the world into the love of God without touching it or wanting to change it. In the delicate art of loving all and yet not becoming attached to them (loving them); of loving God in them, and yet not regarding 'them' as different from God—lies the secret of self-realisation."

Look around, wherever you happen to be sitting or standing right now. See everyone around you, hear all the sounds floating around, smell all the smells in the air. Do it without thinking, without judging, without preferences, without hopes, desires, without wanting anything to be in any particular way. Just Be there. Just Be there Now.

Can you see that which is in all, which enlivens all, yet is bigger than all? Can you see that which is more than everything and yet less than nothing?

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