Sunday, December 19, 2010

Struttin' Your Stuff

Lao, Lao, where are you???? I've got it!! Lao! Where are you???

Whoa, buddy, what's goin' on?

I've got this second section of the trail figured out. It just dawned on me.

What the heck are you talking about.

The movie!

What movie........?????

We could make a killing off this trail. Picture this....

OK, cue the music...

As the music starts the henro is looking at his map on the side of the road just outside one of the temples. Panic flashes in his eyes, his wrist flies up, and he looks at his watch. Back to the map. Back to his watch. Back to the map. Back to his watch. Down the road, back to his watch. Oh no..... is he going to make it to the next temple before they close? He crams the map into the pocket on the side of his pants and heads down the road at a quick pace. Determined. Ignoring everything around him. The pace feels good. Then.... panic sets in after about 2 minutes and he wildly picks up his pace, his mind in shambles; oblivious to all but the pace. Then, all of the sudden, at around 3 minutes, he sees a couple of old ladies walking towards him, and in an effort to look dignified he   jerks   to    a     slow,     leisurely     pace, punctuated with a few



in order to bow in return to the ladies' bows. He keeps walking, and after a minute it looks like he is clear again and no one is looking.... andheboltsagain, offToTheRaces. Chaos, speed, seeing nothing, confusion, but making good time. Then at about 6 minutes, man... can you believe it.... a couple more old ladies.... slow    back   down    to     a       crawl, almost a strut, he is an exalted henro afterall... strutting by the ladies, pull up short

and bow,

strut some more, pull up short

and bow,

strut some more,... the coast is clear, .... no one seems to be looking.... and they're off, amaddashforthenexttemple....... Lao, i'm telling you this is a great idea. This section of the trail is easy to figure out.

Dave. Are you using drugs again?


What the heck are you talking about? Do you even know what you're saying? When did you start living in fantasy land?

What, you don't like the idea?

Dave, what would you be without all your questions?

I haven't been asking questions......

That's not the point.

???..... Well, i thought it was a good idea.

Dave, i wanted to talk to you today about the discipline needed to get through this section of the trail, but i'm not sure you're in the appropriate frame of mind. Let's meet back here in the morning.

.... I thought the strutting was a good idea!.....

Yea, yea.

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