Monday, November 4, 2013


I have been thinking about what books i want to read next year and already have a list that may be too long. But, i still have two months to whittle that list down to something doable. One of my plans though is to read/re-read one book a month on the Heart Sutra. I want to re-write what i have written on the Shikoku Henro website about it. I'll save what is there now, but something is missing; i just don't know what at the moment — so, i'll read one book a month to help me figure out what it is.

In any case, these nice words come from Jaganath Carrera's book, Inside The Yoga Sutras, in his commentary on sutra 2.30:

"What attitudes precede the actions of the enlightened? Ones that are born of selfless motivations, wisdom, and love, that seek the welfare of everyone involved. These same attitudes—listed here as the yamas—are virtues that strengthen and purify the mind.

"The principles of yama might not satisfy someone fond of a dos and don'ts list. They are more properly understood as preparations for actions—attitudes that bring clarity, focus, and objectivity to bear on all situations.

"If we allow these principles to guide, cajole, and correct us, we will gradually know them well enough to call them friends. We will be privy to their nature, intent, power, and significance—their spirit. The yamas can be truly understood only when we perceive the spirit behind the 'letter of the law.' "

Think about it. Meditate on it. Enjoy it. Make the yamas your friends; most of them anyhow.

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