Friday, July 6, 2012

Lance On The Ropes

Word is that Leipheimer, Hincapie, Vande Velde, and Zabriskie have apparently agreed to very short 6 months suspensions (served during the off season) in return for testifying against Lance. That these four would testify is almost unbelievable for me, until i stop and remember that they are all still racing and a one or two year suspension this late in some of their careers could stop that career dead in its tracks. Taking the six-month deal is the best they are ever going to be offered so you can't blame them, even though Lance certainly will.

But won't Lance continue his "I've never failed a test" routine? In response to that, Velo News has a very good article out that speaks to that. "Ashenden: Understanding USADA’s Armstrong charges. Blood-doping expert Michael Ashenden details how USADA could build a case against Lance Armstrong."

What for me was interesting, because i never knew it, is that an athlete could apparently fail a test and still not be charged or suspended. And, the athlete wouldn't know that he had failed the test because no one would tell him/her.

I'll say it once again. On the one hand i have long, long believed that Lance is a drug cheat and should lose his TDF titles. You cheat, you pay the price no matter who you are or how much money you have. But, i also think Bruyneel had to have been a key player in the doping program and therefore should also pay the price.

One the other hand, i will always admire the "athlete" Lance. All the major competition during his TDF days were also drug cheats so Lance was still the best athlete on the road. Lance was an amazing athlete and his teams were a wonder to watch as they rode around France each summer.

He may finally get his due and lose the titles, but in the long view of history, i think he and his team's made the TDF a better race as others struggled to beat him.

Sounds contradictory, i know.

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