Thursday, March 1, 2012


"Consciousness is limitless. It has no beginning and no end. It is out of time, eternal. It does not live or die because it is uncreated. When you see yourself this way, you have no fear of death and daily events have no impact. Consciousness, like water or air, has no particular form, but it can assume any form.

"It illumines both the subjective world and the objective world. It is present in sleep. It never becomes unconscious. It is unrelated to everything, but nothing is unrelated to it. It cannot be an object of thought or feeling. It is the essence of the thinker and the feeler.

"The self is not a doer. No action can take place without it, but it cannot act because it pervades everything, like space. Objects appear in space and activities take place in space, but space does not move from one place to another. All objects, including space, appear in awareness but they do not contaminate it."

How To Attain Enlightenment: The Vision of Nonduality
James Swartz

I'm not saying i disagree with James, i don't. This is wonderful prose and spot on. But, i do admit to not agreeing completely with the last paragraph, at least not how it seems to be presented.

I don't see space in the same way that James is talking about. In my way of thinking, objects don't appear in space and activities don't take place in space. Everything is space and activities are just space rearranging itself.

It is not that this room is filled with space, and me, sitting here, displaces a little of that so that i can be in this location. Or that my computer displaces space so it can be where it is at. No. I am space manifesting as Lao Bendan, here in my chair. My computer is space manifesting as a computer on Lao's lap. The bookshelf across the room is space manifesting as a bookshelf across the room. You are space manifesting as whoever you are, wherever you happen to be reading this. Where there is nothing manifesting, that is simply unmanifested space, and that is everywhere, universal, omnipresent.

If space manifests as object A "here," and then that manifestation disappears and reappears "there," then space has simply rearranged itself, even though in our relativistic world we call that "action," or "movement."

There is not space and all the objects that manifest in it, there is just space and the continually changing and flowing process of space manifesting as one thing here, another thing there, in, out, here, there, now you see it, now you don't.

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