Sunday, February 5, 2012


This very nice story comes from Donna Farhi's book, Bringing Yoga To Life.

"There is an amusing story about two monks and the power of intention. Both avid smokers, one day they found themselves discussing whether it was right to smoke while praying.

"They decided to go to the abbot and put the questions to him. The next day the one monk related that the abbot had enthusiastically endorsed his smoking habit and congratulated him on the depth of his faith, while the other had been told it was absolutely forbidden and was further chastised for desecrating the holiness of prayer.

" 'Well, what did you ask him?' questioned the one.

" 'I asked him if it was okay to pray while smoking. What did you ask?'

" 'I asked him if it was okay to smoke while praying.' "

I imagine that there comes a moment in time in everyone's life when they feel compelled to ask themselves what it's all about.

When that time comes, know that there is a second question that needs asking at the same time.

Are you asking your question from the heart of your intention? Or, are you just asking about your intention because that's still not clear in your heart?

You have to be clear if you want the right answer. The answer that is right for you.

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