Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How To Kill A Fox

DHS 174

So if you know... heck, if you even have an inkling of a suspicion... why don't you act accordingly??

"If you know what is right and what is wrong, why do you not do what is right and avoid what is wrong? Because the doer of the action is far removed from the knower of right and wrong. The doer of right and wrong is burdened with the memory of what is right and wrong. He is burdened with knowledge. Instead of knowledge — of truth becoming flesh — the knowledge has remained unassimilated and it prevents him from functioning in the here and now.

"There is a funny story: a fox and a cat met in the wilds. They were discussing methods of escaping when attacked. The cat said: 'Climb the tree.' The fox said: 'You are stupid. I know a hundred methods. I can chase the hunter, I can throw mud in his eyes, I can run away, I can howl.' As the fox was saying all this, a hunter came. The cat quickly went up the tree but the fox was trying to figure out what to do.

"You can guess that he did not come to a conclusion; he did not have to because his conclusion came immediately! When all this knowledge is stored up as memory, it paralyses the doer of the deed."

The Song of God: Bhagavad Gita Daily Readings
Swami Venkatesananda

So, why??

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