Sunday, October 10, 2010

One Down, Three To Go

Finally finished (almost) the front porch project. I tore off all the old boring railings with even more boring standard vertical balusters and rebuilt them with a design i found in one of my books on Japanese design. I also moved one of the railings higher up the stairs and widened the bottom two steps so you aren't constrained to go up and down in an absolutely straight line. You can now enter/exit at an angle.

The final product doesn't look all that "Japanese-ish," but it looks a lot better than the original, IMO. The stairs and railings are done, but one last piece of the project remains. I'll post another picture when that is done — maybe two or three more weeks.

Here's a couple of pictures (click to enlarge them):

Now i have to move back indoors to finish the last three projects that i promised myself i'd finish by the end of the year. Restain all the wood trim in the living room, restain all the wood trim in the dining room and convert a door frame (sans door now) to an arch, and paint the kitchen.

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