Friday, May 7, 2010

Returning Home

Not much new, but for some here's an update.

Have changed my airplane ticket and leave from Roanoke, VA Saturday afternoon. United, being the compassionate people they are, said i'm changing my route but since it's for medical reasons they'll only charge me $150. Nice of them....

Called the insurance company and we are all puzzled. The doctor gave me two prescriptions to fill: an antibiotic 3x/day for 5 days, and some pain killer to use every four hours as needed (which i have no intention of using). When i picked these up, i had to pay the standard co-pay.

When i left the ER, i was never asked to pay a co-pay there. Blue Cross-Blue Shield and i both have the same question — why?

  • I know i had my wallet when got to the hospital, but don't remember giving them my insurance card. Did i (or someone else) just hand them my wallet and they found the card? If they used it, why didn't they ask for the co-pay?
  • Did they use the insurance card and simply plan to send me the bills at home?
  • Did the owners of the dogs pay for everything?
  • Did i give them a credit card and paid with that, but don't remember doing it?

So many unanswered questions.

My eye is swollen and that's bugging the bejesus out of me. Always feels like something is in it so i try and wipe it, to no effect.

My mouth is swollen because i jammed my bottom teeth into my lip. Between this and the stitches in my chin, my mouth doesn't open very much, which might make some people happy, i suppose. :-)

Since my right thumb isn't all that usable, i have to use my left hand for anything i have to grasp. Like a fork? I'll note here that i am so not ambidextrous that it's not funny. So, with a mouth that doesn't open very widely and using my left hand, eating is a real chore.

People stare at me all the time. Actually, they try and sneak peaks when they think i won't notice. I'm just telling myself that it's because i'm so good looking they can't help themselves.

Lastly, i called my doctor's office in Lockport to arrange to have the stitches taken out next Thursday.

Ahhhhh, life.

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