Friday, October 27, 2017

Crying On The Mountain

Th: 10/27
Very, very tough climb up to Temple 12, Shosanji. Took us over two hours longer than i usually take. But, hats off to the person i'm with --- she never caved in and kept plodding; even though she did admit to wanting to sit down and cry a coiple of times.

At Temple 12, two guys offered us a ride down to our lodging so we eliminated that hour of walking. We arrived safely, but very, very tired. 

The typhoon last week did quite a bit of damage to the trees, with many down across the trail. Crews are already out cleaning them up and we only had to walk over or around a half dozen of them. The trail itself is still in fine condition. As usual a beauhiful walk/climb.

Today, after walking about 8km, a woman pulled over and offered us a ride to Temple 13, our final destination for the day. We accepted and not only got the ride but a bottle of cold tea as well. 

Tomorrow afternoon or evening Typhoon 22 is suposed to get close enough to bring mire rain to the area, with the worst to arrive on Sunday. We still don't know how much that will be, but the owner of tonight's lodging is suggesting that we hold up in Tokushima City both Saturday and Sunday nights and start walking again on Monday. It's not just the rain in her opinion, it's the potential flooding we could walk into down by Temple 18. We'll watch the weather tomorrow before deciding.

Overall, we've had beauyiful weather ever since Monday with cloudless skies and high temperatures around 68 every day

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